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Good Friday

My freshly opened blue watercolour paint splattered on my fingers. But instead of using a rug to clean my fingers, I used a scratch paper. Swiping every bit of paint so my fingers would be clean.

I was about to throw it already when I suddenly remembered Mama Mary because of the color. So I started searching for pictures that would match the one in my head and finally I’m done!


I will be giving this piece to one of my friends who’s like a sister to me. I’ve known her since high school, she’s very religious, and she kinda looks like Mama Mary (Hahaha).

But seriously, it’s my “see you soon” (because I don’t want to say farewell) gift for her. I was supposedly going to bake cookies for our trip tomorrow, but since 2 of our friends said they can’t come anymore, we had to invite other people to join us for the trip. She’s not into sweets (dunno about the others that are joining) so I didn’t bother to bake anymore.

I’m gonna get all sepanx (separation anxiety) soon since she’s leaving in a few days.

If only I have more vacation days, I would definitely spent more “gala” and sleepovers with her together with our HS barkada.

Hopefully I’ll be able to travel to Malaysia next year so I could visit her there, just like what I did in Hong Kong. 😺