Monday habit

So I think I finally found out how I would be able to beat my Monday blues and it’s through baking!!

Yes, baking. As long as everything goes well and tastes good then I have nothing to worry about feeling all sad and unfit to work. Haha.

My sister opened up her can of peaches and gave me half of it so I was looking up some recipes over the weekend that would include peaches and I found the perfect recipe below from brown eyed baker:

I saw a post in tumblr that features one of brown eyed baker’s recipe that’s why I ended checking her page which I love by the way.

Below is my finish product:
not exactly the same but this will do. Haha!

Peach crumb bars

Its not that sweet which is okay but I think I put in a little bit of nutmeg because it’s my favorite

Earlier today I also tried one of her recipes:

The recipe is so easy and its no bake! Amazing!


I’ll definitely do this again and search the Web for more recipes for next Monday.😸