Good Friday

My freshly opened blue watercolour paint splattered on my fingers. But instead of using a rug to clean my fingers, I used a scratch paper. Swiping every bit of paint so my fingers would be clean.

I was about to throw it already when I suddenly remembered Mama Mary because of the color. So I started searching for pictures that would match the one in my head and finally I’m done!


I will be giving this piece to one of my friends who’s like a sister to me. I’ve known her since high school, she’s very religious, and she kinda looks like Mama Mary (Hahaha).

But seriously, it’s my “see you soon” (because I don’t want to say farewell) gift for her. I was supposedly going to bake cookies for our trip tomorrow, but since 2 of our friends said they can’t come anymore, we had to invite other people to join us for the trip. She’s not into sweets (dunno about the others that are joining) so I didn’t bother to bake anymore.

I’m gonna get all sepanx (separation anxiety) soon since she’s leaving in a few days.

If only I have more vacation days, I would definitely spent more “gala” and sleepovers with her together with our HS barkada.

Hopefully I’ll be able to travel to Malaysia next year so I could visit her there, just like what I did in Hong Kong. 😺


Alone time with Food

My insecurity about eating alone in public is not a secret nor something that I would usually share to random strangers. I’m not sure when, how, and why it started but I always feel uneasy and a sudden pang of sadness comes whenever I try to eat alone.

I can eat alone at home but only at home! Never in the cafeteria or pantry at work, or any restaurant. I did try to do it once or twice at work but I ended up not feeling hungry, sad,  and even rushing to pack my food away even if I just got it out from the microwave.

Maybe it’s cultural, or just how I got used to. At home, we always eat together. Even if I’m still sleeping, someone would take extra effort to wake me up just to ensure that we all eat together. But this past few months they usually let me skip this due to my working hours.

Last Saturday, I was supposed to go out with my friends for a late breakfast at one of the most restaurant populated areas in Pasig, which is known as Kapitolyo, but due to traffic, our late breakfast turned to lunch and instead of “our” it became “my”.

Yes, I was left alone. My friends already left because I was so late. (talk about ruined plans) I was the one who told them to leave already since it would be so late for them to stay and wait for me until 12NN considering that we’re working on a night shift. It took me about almost 3 hours to reach Kapitolyo. Crazy! Considering that the usual travel time would only take about an hour.

I said to myself “Hey, I’m already here and I do not want to waste my time and effort to go here and I’m already hungry, why not eat alone?” For the first time in forever, I finally found the courage to act on this plan that I’ve been scared to do.

So I ate at Milky Sunny. A breakfast restaurant located at 9 East Capitol Drive, Pasig, Metro Manila. This is also my first time to ever go to Kapitolyo and I don’t know what to expect. There are a lot of taxis and tricycles in the area so it is not hard to go  to different restaurants in Kapitolyo. You can literally walk around if you want to go on a food hopping adventure as the restaurants are close to each other.

The ambiance of the place is very light and relaxing, and it is also not crowded during the time that I went there (probably why I found it comforting to eat alone).




The menu is great! Since I did not went there to review the place, I didn’t bother to remember it in full details. But again, the menu is great. Perfect for those craving for breakfast even even if it is lunch time already. I only ordered a glass of milk and Eggs Benedict since I’m not sure how long my courage to eat alone will last. I do not want to end up ordering a lot then just leave it there not eaten just because I felt uneasy. Besides, some of the dishes that they have, specially the pancakes, are big enough for 2 people and I’m sure I won’t be able to finish it on my own.



Since I have to go to an event and the traffic is crazy, I did not stay that long at Milky Sunny. But if I only had a book with me I’d probably stayed much longer and chill out in there since it’s very relaxing and staff does not make you feel like you have to eat fast and go out once you are already finish. I’d definitely go back to this place with my friends, or maybe even on my own.

This experience gave me a certain feel of self-fulfillment and I hope I’ll be able to do it again soon or until I find enough courage for it.

Monday habit

So I think I finally found out how I would be able to beat my Monday blues and it’s through baking!!

Yes, baking. As long as everything goes well and tastes good then I have nothing to worry about feeling all sad and unfit to work. Haha.

My sister opened up her can of peaches and gave me half of it so I was looking up some recipes over the weekend that would include peaches and I found the perfect recipe below from brown eyed baker:

I saw a post in tumblr that features one of brown eyed baker’s recipe that’s why I ended checking her page which I love by the way.

Below is my finish product:
not exactly the same but this will do. Haha!

Peach crumb bars

Its not that sweet which is okay but I think I put in a little bit of nutmeg because it’s my favorite

Earlier today I also tried one of her recipes:

The recipe is so easy and its no bake! Amazing!


I’ll definitely do this again and search the Web for more recipes for next Monday.😸

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